Discover in this entirely free live web class, Ulrike's 5 techniques
on how to influence others and achieve your goals by communicating with impact.  

Designed to help you untangle all your communication skills, this entirely free online LIVE training gives you exactly what’s in the name: the art of influencing others. Join at the date of your choice and find out how your ideas and opinions can be heard and establish your impactful presence!


  • 5 actionable changes and steps that you can start taking from today!
  • ​A hidden secret to communicating with impact that no one is teaching about because hardly anyone knows it.
  • A chance to reflect and diagnose what’s preventing you from reaching the success you want.
  • A surprising recipe to make people listen to you and your ideas.
  • The techniques you need to increase your impact and your influence across your colleagues and team members.

All these benefits and much more… are 100% free of charge! This one-hour live training is your first step towards a future of flourishing and unapologetic growth, so I trust you not to give yourself the shorthand this time around.


I’ve been a leader in the corporate world, and I had the chance to excel in a C-Level role for several years… but I woke up one day feeling like I’m a complete stranger to my own self.

My name is Ulrike, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

After years of working in an influential, leadership position, I found myself following patterns and behaviors that looked nothing like me, just because I was programmed to believe that this is what “works”.

But the truth is, yes, I made some very impactful changes that you can also apply to achieve the success that you deserve!

Now, I’ve taken all my experience, years of excelling in the corporate world and the enlightenment I came to and given it to leaders and hard workers like yourself, allowing them to flourish, realize the root causes of their struggle, and finally land that leadership spot they’ve been after!

Join my community of like-minded, success-driven women and me on our journey to explore our untapped potential, finally earn our place as leaders, and spread our wings to reach the success we’ve always wanted.

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