Struggling to say no, uncomfortable with conflict and managing bullies? 

Learn how to master simple and powerful tools for becoming bold, daring and able to manage any situation at work and in your private life!

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It’s time for you to assert yourself - 
Ready to leave an unforgettable impact no matter where you go?

How many of these statements sound familiar?

"You should never disagree with your superior; that’s how people lose their jobs."

"Women should avoid conflict at any cost; society will never let them win."

"Speaking your opinion too loudly can push people away from you."

"Never be the one that suggests big changes in the meeting room; it’s a responsibility you can’t carry."

"You have to be passive and agreeable in order to make it in your career."

Seems like we hit a nerve, haven’t we?

Since we were children, we’ve been taught that being assertive means pushing people into believing in your opinions, being rude, and disqualifying others from any conversation as soon as they disagree with you.

For these reasons, women in any career silence themselves and their beliefs, no matter how much effort they put into them, simply because they’re scared of being viewed as “bossy”, “high maintenance”, or even “aggressive”.

So instead of standing up for yourself, you and millions of women in the same situation remain silent. You stretch yourself thin by always nodding your head yes, bending your own opinions and beliefs, and doing things that make you miserable.

But why? Why do you have to go through this on a daily basis?

It’s because you’ve been programmed to believe that it’s the “safe” thing to do, the lifestyle that will keep you out of trouble, and the one that’ll get you up through the ranks in business, education, and even your relationships.

And from your years of first-hand experience abiding by these passive and peaceful rules, what did you see? Did the secret formula work?

Since you’ve made it this far, it’s safe to assume that the answer is NO.

How many times have you started your day off perfectly, feeling confident, beautiful, and ready to rock the rest of the day, only to be hit with a negative comment, an underwhelming reaction to your work, or being ignored in a conversation?


Now, how did you feel when that happened? 

Let me answer that for you: Confused, insecure, and constantly asking yourself: “why did this happen? Was my work not important? Am I not enough for people to value what I have to say?”

And before you let those questions spiral again in your mind, let me comfort you by telling you that yes, your work is impressive, yes, you’re more than enough, and no, it’s not your fault that this happened.
But does that mean that you can’t do anything to change it? Absolutely not!

My name is Ulrike, and we’re about to become best friends.

I worked for the better part of a decade in a primarily male corporate European automotive plant. I was dismissed, underrated, and challenged every time I even thought about discussing my opinion or what I believed could better the business.

These things would happen daily. They would leave me feeling insecure, doubting my own capabilities, and scared to stand up for myself in any way, shape, or form. I would accept rules and leading methods that didn’t represent me in the slightest.

And where did it get me? Sure, I moved up the ranks, and I got to a pretty successful stage of my career, but is it success that I was proud of? Definitely not. 

I was deeply unhappy and could never do things “My” way. And I don’t mean the facade I had to put on every day to avoid any conflicts; I mean my true, authentic leadership way that left me feeling satisfied and happy.

This was my reality until I decided to take the wheel…

As soon as I knew that I needed to change, I started noticing what I do on a daily basis that I was not happy about. How many times I said yes when it was actually a no, how many times I let people walk all over me when they didn’t deserve to, and how many times I based my own self-image on other people’s approval.

If you could see your own reflection in my story, then I’m holding a one-way ticket with your name on it.

It’s called “Becoming bullet-proof”, a 1-day training program that gives you the mindset shifts and deep-rooted changes you need to understand your self-worth, value your capabilities, and gain others’ respect by being your unapologetic self.

Why should you join? 

Because you deserve to be seen, you deserve to be heard, and you deserve to be your own biggest supporter when others let you down.

Here's a list of what's inside

  • Learn how to manage conflict, learn when you’re wrong, and hold your ground when you’re right.
  • ​Understand how to respectfully say no and force others to respect your boundaries.
  • A complete guide on how to stop looking for approval and waiting for others to like you and start seeing respect and value from everyone around you instead.
  • ​How to handle harassment and bullying and stand up for yourself when you need to.
  • ​Becoming assertive and leaving an impact on your family, friends, and coworkers.

With my expertise placed into this 1-day training, you’ll be able to stop feeling insecure at first sight of a negative reaction to something you did, feel strong no matter the circumstances, and enjoy the inner game shifts to unleash your true potential.

But if you choose to stay where you are, nothing will change…
You’ll never be satisfied with any degree of success you accomplish or be recognized for your true capabilities. You’ll never be able to position yourself as the impactful leader you strive to be or take control of your own life-changing decisions.

So from where I stand, you have two choices:
  • Join me and start your transformation as soon as possible.
  • Stay stuck in place, abide by rules you don’t believe in, and walk in the shade for as long as you’re on this planet.

So, are you ready to see the light?

If the answer is YES, then click the link below to join me on your journey to be bold, to be heard, and to be recognized.


I know you may not have had the opportunity to test our bootcamps at Empowering Female Leaders.
You have no way of knowing whether you like it, and – most importantly – whether the ideas in it will help you to make the change you are aspiring to.

So maybe you’re wondering – why would I want to add on 2 more full days?
Great question.
This is a simple value proposition.

I’m offering you this deal not only in the hope of saving you some serious money, but also because I KNOW that tackling your transformation in a serious and continuous way will multiply the effectiveness of your efforts big time. 

But of course, there’s a chance you could find out after having participated in the LIVE trainings that you it didn't work for you.
That’s your right as a customer. And it’s my responsibility to take care of you.

That’s why I’m making it clear to you here and now that in this deal, I will assume all the risk.
If you take me up on this special invitation today, you’ll have a full 180 days to implement all your learnings in your life and see if what you will have learned works for you.

You’ll be protected by our full 100% money-back guarantee.
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