Are you tired of doing all the heavy lifting at work and still playing catch up with your finances every month? 
Discover how your own thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns have been limiting your paycheck and fully release your financial potential!

Next Online LIVE Training: 
26 November 2022, 1pm-5pm GST / 10am-2.00 pm CET

For every female leader who seemed to get past the initial few steps of success but plateaued at a certain level and couldn’t break through: Here’s your way out!

The Diamonds Are Yours program helps you eliminate your deep-rooted mindset setbacks, stop sabotaging your growth, and understand how to start ATTRACTING money instead of CHASING it!

If you’re reading this thinking I’m about to offer you yet another ineffective webinar or program, let me correct you.

I know exactly what’s on your mind:

"I’ve shown up at every seminar and webinar you can name, and I’m still not making the income I need to live in abundance."

"Working with coaches who’ve never been through what you’ve been through is exhausting and unrealistic, and I’m not ready to do it again."

"Right now, I’m not ready to risk investing in a program that shows me what’s wrong with my life and leaves me without a solution."

"I want actionable, realistic changes that I can apply, not a transformation that requires me to flip every aspect of my life 180-degrees all at once."

"I don’t have the time or the energy to listen to another coach ramble about her successes for 5 hours."

What you’re about to witness is a life-changing opportunity. 
So pay attention; you DON’T want to miss out on this.

How do I know what you’ve been through? I know a lot more than that.

I know you’ve been seen as successful by everyone around you, but no one knows what’s happening inside when the lights go off and the world gets quiet.

Yes, you’ve achieved some of what you’re after, but now, you feel stuck and overworked, and your income, compared to the life you WANT to live, isn’t enough. 

You always feel like you are playing catch up with your income, saying yes to tasks that exhaust you, and seeing other people make 30% more than you do without doing half the work.

Our society has taught us to feel ashamed about wanting to make more money, wanting a bigger paycheck at the end of each month, and asking for a raise when you’re doing double the work you started out with.

It’s frowned upon, and we’re always taught to be grateful for even having an opportunity in the first place!

Scrap that: I want the jewelry, I want the Rolls-Royce, and I want the respect, value, and status that comes with it.

You see, the problem you’re facing isn’t your job, your boss, or the career choice you’ve taken. Most people like yourself, when they plateau, immediately rush for external affirmation and qualification.

They sign up for 5 new courses, think of returning to school for a master’s degree, and keep scratching their heads, thinking: “How can I become more valuable so people pay me more?”.
That’s EXACTLY why they never make it to the six-figure world.

Before you start treating symptoms, ask yourself this: What do you know about the root cause?

Why are you suddenly stuck? Why has your success train decided to turn off the engine in one station? And why has your potential hit a glass roof?

This is where you are NOW:

  • Your impostor syndrome is shutting you down every time you try to celebrate the tiniest success.
  • ​You’re never satisfied with your income, as it doesn’t allow you to live the life you dream of.
  • You don’t know how to move past this cement wall and take your career to the next level.
  • ​You’re relying too much on the outer circumstances of money, and forgetting about the origin and the mindset that brings money to YOU!

This is where you are WANT TO BE:

  • ​Able to position yourself as a leader and quit chasing money, instead, start to attract massive opportunities every single month.
  • Turning your mindset into your biggest money-maker and having the support that allows you to become more valuable for career opportunities.
  • Eliminating any inner doubts and OWNING every passion and desire of yours.

Join me, and let me help you turn your life around, starting on the inside!

But wait a minute, who am I to tell you this, and why should you trust me?

My name is Ulrike Seminati, and before I found out about my relationship and beliefs about money, I was stuck exactly where you are right now. I was successful in everyone else’s eyes, but not my own.

When climbing the corporate ladder, I only viewed money-making as an external process. You work more, you make more money, right? No, not really.

One day, I decided to dig deep into my beliefs and found that myself and thousands of people around me are programmed to be anti-money and anti-rich people, which made ZERO sense because we all wanted to be rich!

Did that last sentence sound off to you? Did parts of you steer into shame when you said to yourself: “me too!”?

If it did, then we’ve found what’s stopping you from earning the living you deserve and living the life you desire.

Today, I’m here to give you the opportunity to break free from your limiting beliefs, build a rich mindset, and eliminate any thought patterns that sabotage your growth!

Meet my Diamonds Are Yours program: A 1-day, accessible, and commitment-free transformation that will help you remove every internal, self-inflicted obstacle that’s been stopping you from unapologetic career growth.

In the 1-day program, we will dig deep into the traumas and past experiences that led to you being stuck where you are and completely extract them from the roots.

My process starts with identifying your limiting beliefs, breaking them into smaller, easy-to-defeat statements, and then replacing them with a rich mindset that will attract all the opportunities you’ve ever dreamed of.

You’ll find actionable mental exercises that teach you how to alter your money blueprint, shift to a rich mindset, break through your glass ceiling, multiply your attraction power, and top it off with gratitude!

Without these deep-rooted inner game shifts, you’ll only keep getting sucked deeper into the quicksand of a money-hating mindset…

Join me and thousands of other female leaders like yourself on our journey to abundance, financial growth, and mindset transformation!

Sign up today, and invest in a wealthier, brighter, and guilt-free future for you and your family.

DON’T Click Off! If You’ve Skipped To The Bottom Of The Page, Here’s The Deal:
I’m offering you a 1-day transformation where you can discover how your own thoughts, beliefs, and behavioral patterns have been limiting your paycheck. 

Now, am I only going to point out the problem? No, I’m giving you actionable transformation steps through:

Building a rich mindset that replaces your current beliefs.
Changing your money blueprint.
Breaking through your self-inflicted limits.
Showing you how to multiply your attraction power.
Practicing gratitude to attract what you want more of.

With my knowledge, tools, and guidance, you can create the future you want to live free from shame or guilt about what you desire!

Ready to get started?


I know you may not have had the opportunity to test our bootcamps at Empowering Female Leaders.
You have no way of knowing whether you like it, and – most importantly – whether the ideas in it will help you to make the change you are aspiring to.

So maybe you’re wondering – why would I want to add on 2 more full days?
Great question.
This is a simple value proposition.

I’m offering you this deal not only in the hope of saving you some serious money, but also because I KNOW that tackling your transformation in a serious and continuous way will multiply the effectiveness of your efforts big time. 

But of course, there’s a chance you could find out after having participated in the LIVE trainings that you it didn't work for you.
That’s your right as a customer. And it’s my responsibility to take care of you.

That’s why I’m making it clear to you here and now that in this deal, I will assume all the risk.
If you take me up on this special invitation today, you’ll have a full 180 days to implement all your learnings in your life and see if what you will have learned works for you.

You’ll be protected by our full 100% money-back guarantee.

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