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  • Understand exactly what’s keeping you financially small and learn how you can eliminate these subconscious patterns.
  • ​Define where you have an inner glass ceiling when it comes to your salary or income.
  • Push this inner glass ceiling to a height that is far beyond what you are earning today and learn the technique how to do this by yourself.

All these benefits and much more… are 100% free of charge! This one-hour live training is your first step towards a future where you are able to attract money easily, so I trust you not to give yourself the shorthand this time around.


I’ve been a leader in the corporate world, and I had the chance to excel in a C-Level role for several years… but I woke up one day feeling like I’m a complete stranger to my own self.

My name is Ulrike, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

Before I discovered and applied the prosperity secrets I will be sharing with you in this guide, I had made every money mistake described here and even more.

In fact, understanding the incredible power of my personal relationship with money - and realizing how far its tentacles extend to nearly all areas of my life - has been my personal game-changer that enabled me to turn my faltering business into an amazing success story.

The truth is, yes, I made some very impactful changes that you can also apply to achieve the financial success that you deserve!

Now, I’ve taken all my experience, years of excelling in the corporate world and the enlightenment I came to and given it to leaders and hard workers like yourself, allowing them to flourish, realize the root causes of their struggle, and finally live that prosperous life you're after!

Join my community of like-minded, success-driven women and me on our journey to explore our untapped potential, finally earn our place as leaders, and spread our wings to reach the financial success we’ve always wanted.

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