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Being seen and recognized for your competencies can sometimes appear to be a strenuous task as you may feel that it involves all sorts of hurdles. Yes, it is a challenge, but it is nonetheless one that can be overcome. 

It starts with you, on the inside, and it transforms into actions and behaviors that grasp the attention of others and put you into this sweet spot to land the job of your dreams. 

This is a skill that you can learn, and this is what this book will begin to teach you. Learning to position yourself as a leader is a process that involves many steps and significant personal development work, but it is possible. 


My name is Ulrike, and like many women my age, I was taught that I needed to hustle, fight ten times as hard for any high-end corporate position, and collect every certificate I could find along the way.

My corporate journey started in the 1990s as an assistant. Fast forward to 2015, I managed to reach the top of the hierarchy and was promoted to the C-level suite of an international pharmaceutical company.

At the age of 27, I was successful, I was on my way to the next promotion, and I was in charge of my very first team in a larger European automotive plant. Now, this industry had 80% male workers, which meant that I had to roll up my sleeves and prepare for a storm every time I tried to make any changes.

This made me lose track of who I am as a leader. I started to follow other people’s methods, putting on a different facade every day depending on the team's state and falling into the pits of self-doubt every time I would be put on the spot.

But one day, my inner voice came to the rescue…

I started noticing the patterns I’ve been following, which not only have been undermining my own success… they’ve been undermining my entire team’s success! 

So I was left me wondering: “What if I never got to see my true leading potential?” and this question was enough for me to drop my corporate career.

Now, I’ve taken all my experience, years of excelling in the corporate world and the enlightenment I came to and given it to leaders and hard workers like yourself, allowing them to flourish, realize the root causes of their struggle, and finally land that leadership spot they’ve been after!

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